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Only the costs noted directly below*
Management Fees

$111.00 per month.

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$55.00 per inspection. We automatically do 2 inspections per year but do schedule more at the owners request (normally for insurance requirements). Note that initial and final inspections are free of charge.


$3.00 per disbursement. We pay out up to three times a month. You can choose to be paid out once, twice or three times per month if you have a larger portfolio. If only one property is held it must be disbursed at the end of the month.

Letting Levy

A letting fee is not charged. Instead you are levied $20.00 per month ($240 per year) regardless of how many times the property is let. This also means fewer costs for our landlords when tenants change.

you don't pay for...

You get all these services FREE of charge
Fees on Repairs & Maintenance

Of course we arrange repairs and provide advice and assistance. We do not add a % to your repair bills unlike most other companies.

The First 3 Months

Don't forget you get a Free Trial for the first 3 months

Compliance Monitoring

We provide ongoing checks of smoke alarms & follow Privacy Act guidelines. As well as deal with health and safety requirements. We also offer advice and guidance in meeting healthy homes requirements at minimal cost.

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Initial & Final Inspections

An initial thorough inspection of your property inspection with the new tenant as well as the final inspection upon termination.

Resolving Disputes

We attend mediation and tenancy tribunal on your behalf with no extra charge for us being there.

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Rent Reviews

We keep up with market trends. When rents are moving up in your area we review and advise you that a rent increase may be achieved.

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Tenant Selection

Interviewing, Screening and Reference checks.

Please Note

For the record we pass on standard landlord expenses. You pay for advertising, credit checks, council and water rates, landlord repairs, as well as any tribunal fees if required.

* Plus GST

a cost comparison

8.5% fee


Not sure if they charge letting fee or inspection fees as well. It's hard to tell from their site. We didn't know so we ignored them for this calculation. We do know they also charge another 8.5% on repair invoices (also left out).

Fixed Management fee


Being generous we included inspection fees & a monthly disbursement in our estimate of costs.

Savings with WeRent

$1,467 P.a.

Yes, about half the cost on an average property, and even bigger savings for more expensive rentals. Bloody good deal right!

Cost comparison based on an average 3 Bedroom Auckland home - $626 pw :(Sept 2022)

PS: If you think this is too good to be true, go see how we make savingshere

The higher your Rent the BIGGER the savings!

best ever savings with WeRent?

"Hi There, I own a property in Orakei which has a long term tenant and almost no effort to manage.  I have been using Bayleys however as the property is leased at $1900 per week they are not providing good value for money. They rarely look at the property and when maintenance is required it is always very expensive. I would like to consider the 3 month trial and move to the $110 per month model you have. Could you advise if there are any other costs or requirements. I am based in Australia +61(0)475838749 Regards Kevin Doherty"

Kevin's annual saving is...


thank you for your wonderful service

"We will be moving back to Auckland... and as such we will no longer require your service. We thank you very much for your wonderful service over the last year and a half and greatly appreciate it. if yourself or your company require references etc, we are more than happy to help. We will certainly be recommending you to any people we met who require a service such as yours. Thank you again."

Adam and Melissa
Highly recommended!

"Judith and the team has been super helpful and most especially compassionate and understanding during the crisis. From a tenant's point of view, they address any issues brought forward swiftly. Highly recommended!"

SB Ong
Glad I made the move

"Hi guys I just want to say thanks for all your hard work overs the last 4 months since taking on our rentals and getting our tenants up to date and finally paying on time. I know they are challenging at times but credit to ... you in laying ground rules that work. I think its the first time all 4 tenants have been up to date in 5 years with our previous property managers. Glad I made the move, keep up the great work."

My most sincere gratitude

"Hope you and your family are well and safe. Just thought I'd give you an update on my current situation. The link you have sent me was very helpful! Thank you once again. I was able to retain my position in my Wellington job and have started working from home for now. I would like give as much notice as possible to also help you with preparing for this as well. Once again, my most sincere gratitude to the help you have provided us. Please let me know if there is anything you need. Stay safe and healthy."

Experience Shines Through

"Mike at WeRent has really taken great ownership of my tenancies since managing my properties. I have managed my own properties since 2003 but lately have experienced more problems than ever before. With a full-on job and a young family to spend time with Mike has taken over my properties and is doing an amazing job. His experience shines through and he treats each tenancy even better than if it was his own. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who asks."

Great result!

"Great result! [after recovering a large rental arrears for a new client] If there was ever a validation needed of the service you provide, this has to rate as a great example of how to ‘manage’ a situation on behalf of a client. If you ever need a testimonial to the service provided... I'm happy to write you one for free! Thanks very much for your doggedness on my behalf. Let’s hope they [the tenants] can manage to continue in this form and establish themselves as solid tenants, if that’s what they choose to be."

thank you for your wonderful service

"We will be moving back to Auckland... and as such we will no longer require your service. We thank you very much for your wonderful service over the last year and a half and greatly appreciate it. if yourself or your company require references etc, we are more than happy to help. We will certainly be recommending you to any people we met who require a service such as yours. Thank you again."

Adam and Melissa
I would highly recommend WeRent

"Judith at WeRent did a great job when I was looking for a tenant for my property. And once the tenants moved in everything was handled expertly by Judith. A thoroughly enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend WeRent."

extremely knowledgeable

"I highly recommend WeRent. Judith helped me with a tricky tenant by being extremely knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and kind. I would recommend their services to anyone and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. "

Provided Useful Information

"thanks for your letter –out of 4 property managers I have spoken with and received letters from recently, you are the only one who has actually provided useful information on smoke alarms AND most importantly are actually doing something for us rather than try and rip us off by getting us to pay $990 per property to so called ‘technicians’ who provide a so called ‘certificate’ of compliance for checking/installing smoke alarms which can be provided at inspections. Thanks heaps, we really appreciate it!:)"

They Went Above and Beyond

“The property managers at WeRent were some of the best we have ever had! They responded quickly to any inquiries and issues with our flat, and any repairs were fixed in a timely manner. They went above and beyond to make our flat a safe and comfortable home. Thanks so much again, we really appreciated your management."

Efficient & cost effective

"WeRent has managed my rental properties for the last 3 years. The service of WeRent is timely; accurately; efficient & cost effective. This is particularly true when compared to the previous property management companies I used. WeRent always has my return on investment in mind, by making sure I know how my current rent compares to the market rent. Highly recommended."


More about our letting levy

The worst thing for landlords about having to pay the standard 1 weeks rent letting fee is that it comes just when you are having to fund a vacancy or pay for a spruce up. The timing couldn't be worse. Our Letting Levy spreads the cost of the letting fee over time with a fixed fee of $20 per month regardless of how many times a property is let (+gst ).

Basically, this is a form of letting insurance for $240 per year (but of course we can't call it insurance).

Crockers came up with the idea, and while we may have been the first with a 3 month free trial, we are not too proud to steal a good idea. For all of our owners this is much less than they would be paying for a new let and it puts the costs on us as property managers if we have to let out a property more frequently.

Our larger portfolio clients love this means of spreading their costs and it is, a really good deal for our clients who have properties with higher rents.

If you are coming to us with a long term tenant we can understand that you might wish to opt-out. But if you do, you will have to pay the standard letting fee on the next change of tenant.

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