Getting the right tenant for your property

Getting the right tenant does not mean getting the best tenant ever, it mean matching the tenant to the property. Ideally, we get tenants who are happy with their accommodation, treat it well, and stay a long time (and can afford pay the rent). Basic accommodation in rougher areas need tenants who expect this (or can afford it), in the same way the high quality accommodation gets high quality tenants.

We take applications before selecting the most appropriate tenant. Prospective tenants are required to complete a comprehensive application form so their suitability can be ascertained.

We also conduct reference checks and bad tenant checks before we finalise the tenancy agreement. If these give rise to questions we can do credit-checks as well (or if you require them).

Picking the best tenants for your property is a balancing act. If we have lots of interested parties then the job is easy. But if the renting market is slow we have to make a judgement call between waiting for the exactly right tenant and picking the okay tenant and getting your rent in (cross fingers). That's where experience matters. We usually get it right, but no matter what anyone says, it is impossible to always get a good tenant. Deal with the inevitable problems and managing poor payers (to pay or go) is also where experience matters.

“The service of WeRent is timely; accurately; efficient & cost effective. ”

jian yin

Director of Transmission Solutions Ltd