Paying you and Reporting to you

We normally pay out on the day after the last day of the month (to ensure all of the months rents are processed. If you have multiple properties with us we can also pay you out on the 10th, and 20th of the month to smooth your cash-flow. However your statements will still be monthly.

All client funds are held in trust in bank accounts separate from our business accounts at all times.

Each month you will receive a detailed statement on your property. These statements are easy to read and understand, and we have different statement options. The statement will break down the month’s activity on your investment property. It will show rent collected, management fees deducted, itemised maintenance and finally your net dollar amount remitted.

After 31st March each year, you will receive a financial year statement showing the gross income from your property and categorising the various expenses incurred. i.e. advertising, repairs & maintenance.

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“The service of WeRent is timely; accurately; efficient & cost effective. ”

jian yin

Director of Transmission Solutions Ltd