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Both landlords and tenants have rights and obligations laid out in the Residential Tenancies Act (1986). These and numerous new rules have made being a landlord increasingly complex in recent years.They range from Healthy Homes compliance, through smoke alarm placement, to new and differing notice periods as well as record keeping requirements. Landlords now even have responsibilities regarding their tenants domestic violent incidents! Most have the potential for large fines for non-compliance, and since these fines are often paid to the tenant they in turn, have an incentive to 'go for it'. We can keep you on the right side of these rules and provide you with a wide range of services as are detailed in our Property Management Info Pack. So focus on your life and let us support your property investment journey.

The WeRent Property Management Information Pack - Free Download.

Inside You will find:
A summary of what WeRent offers: what makes us stand out from the rest.
The full range of Property Management services we provide.
A clear breakdown of our fees: what you pay for and what you don't.
PLUS some examples showing how our expertise matters, and how it adds value for you.
Our property management authority agreement.

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