Rent Arrears

So you are behind on your rent

You have made the first step in realising that you have to deal this problem. You will already have had txts and calls from us about your being behind in your rent.
Now is the time to sort this problem out before it gets more serious. We can always sort out a smaller problem by mutual agreement. But if you ignore the problem we will take you to the Tenancy Tribunal, and remember that if you get 3 weeks behind in your rent then the Tenancy Tribunal will order the tenancy terminated.

We can help

We don't want to end your tenancy unless you are a repeat offender. We can work with you to find a way to sort this out. If you are on a benefit then WINZ may help. If not then maybe we can agree on extra payments so you can catch up. We want to find a solution which gives us confidence that you can catch up and we can ensure our landlords will get the rent money they need to pay their mortgages.

We will want to formalise it

If we can reach an agreement then all well and good, but if you are not keeping to your commitments then we will have to take you to the Tenancy Tribunal to sort this. In the first instance there will be telephone mediation. If we can make an agreement over the phone, then the mediator will make a binding order which formalise the debt and the steps required to repay it and how the tenancy will be ended if you don't keep to the repayment schedule.

Don't ignore the problem

The rent you owe will not go away by itself. If your tenancy is ended we will be able to claim against your bond, so either way we will get the money you owe to our landlords. If there is still money owed the debt may be recorded against your name, and in time you will have to pay or have bad credit mark on your record. Tenancy Tribunal orders are also available online and you will be checked next time you try to rent a place, so please work with us to fix the problem.

LET’S work TOGETHER, we want to work it out