What we do and how often

We conduct 6 monthly inspections as standard, but will check more frequently if the tenants behaviour puts them on our radar (late payments, neighbour complainants).  Normally the first inspection is around 2-3 months after a new tenancy so we can see how they are really treating your property. We also conduct “drive by” inspections on your property whenever we are travelling nearby to make sure that everything looks in good order.

If you require more frequent inspections as a condition of insurance (or just want more piece of mind) we can increase this to 3 monthly.

During the inspection we will be looking out for potential problems which we can deal with before they become more costly. For example: Old water cylinders have a habit of springing leeks (always in a weekend it seem) and do need replacing after 20 years before they cause a flood and even greater expense. In addition we also carrying out various compliance tests such as checking if smoke alarm are working.

“The service of WeRent is timely; accurately; efficient & cost effective. ”

jian yin

Director of Transmission Solutions Ltd