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So it is certainly different, to say we don't want to take on board every client who shows an interest. But that is us: we are about getting the job done and not wasting anyone's time. That is part of how we are able to deliver BETTER VALUE. You still get the great service, but not the unnecessary frills. We also have expectations about our clients and what we need from them in order to do our job properly.

So if the below sounds like you... you will be happier elsewhere!
Don't want to do any Maintenance

Believe it or not there are a few property investors who don't understand that houses need upkeep and that things break. If you don't want to spring for repairs then... you guessed it..... WE ARE NOT FOR YOU SM

We have an obligation to tenants as well as owners. And its actually a legal obligation, so we take it very seriously.

Three Quotes

If you want three quotes for repairs then LOOK ELSEWHERE. We have a team of trades-people who work with us. We give them regular business and they give us priority. That's is a win for everyone. If we think they have gotten slack or over-charge, we change them.

Three quotes take a lot of time to organise and are usually expensive as the trades-person needs to cover their worst case risk. If the job is large then you can go direct, and we will still do our best to help. NB: Mike has supervised a lot of major renovations for our clients.

Wanting Above Market Rent

If you ignore our advice as to what rent can be achieved we are both wasting time. We can be wrong, so we don't mind trying for a little higher rent. But we have to pay attention to the current state of the rental market (especially in winter).

All that would happen will be a long vacancy. You will think we are rubbish, go to another more expensive PM firm, and end up renting your property at the level we told you in the first place.

Too Picky

Once we had a client who turned down 5 sets of approved applicants who we felt were suitable for their property, met their requirements, and had no referral or credit issues (Not doing that again). Apparently, none were good enough!

We let them go.
NB: See discrimination

Christmas Presents

If you are looking for a new best friend to have long chats with, and who will take you out for coffee & cake. WE ARE NOT FOR YOU SM

But we do want to get to know you personally, assist you, and find out what you need from us.

Oh, you wont get any Christmas gifts from us either (you do know you are really paying for them yourself right?)

Ignoring the Law

If you haven't done your Healthy Homes upgrades, or have two units on a site but only consent for one, it's a problem. We can't ignore this. Really... don't think that the tenants (or Council) will never find out.

We can help you sort it, or find a way to manage the issues within the rules. That's what we are good at!


If you want to discriminate against certain groups of people as tenants, well perhaps you might get away with it. But we are not going to help. Also, it's illegal. Plus it's not smart as you are running a profit making business.  So, in that case...


Constant Communication

If you want us to call or email you everytime we have any interaction with your tenants or about the property. WE ARE NOT FOR YOU SM

We will contact you when something comes up that you need to know about. But only when we think it is important. For example, ongoing problems with rent collection, repair issues, renewals and re-negotiations, rent increases.

Many of our clients let us know exactly what they care to be informed about and leave the rest to us. That's great for everyone.

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