A Better Deal

You are looking at this page because you want a better deal. Great! Because we offer terrific VALUE for MONEY for you. We don't charge a percentage of the rent, so for all but the very very lowest priced rental properties, we are going to be great value for you with no loss of care and service.

We haven't found any other Auckland Property Management company offering lower fees than ours for a full service (if you do find one, please let us know).

For $111 per month you get everything you should be getting from a property manager. Plus no percentage added to maintenance, no extra  charges for attending tribunal and no cost for many of the extras which some of our competitors charge for.*

(BTW: If you are looking at other PM sites and you can't easily find out what they charge... they are charging more than us).

How do we do it?

In 2009 we created a business model designed at all levels to keep costs low. There are no gimmicks, just cost savings. You are not having to pay for us to have expensive premises; because we don't have them. We are mobile, operating from our home offices. Only now years later after the pandemic have others caught on to the advantages of work-from-home!

We use the cloud-based services for access to our management software and records. And you are not paying for expensive marketing and branding. We only advertise when we have capacity for new clients, and use targeted adverts to aim for only those clients (like you) who are searching for a specialised management company which offers better VALUE for MONEY.

our PURPOSE is to deliver better value to investors

Won't I be safer with a big Real Estate company?

These are Real Estate sales companies - property management is just an add on for them. For WeRent, property management is all of our business; we have to do it well to succeed. If you want to pay more to have a well know real estate company treat you like just one of their many clients, and for twice the price - well I don't think you would be reading this  - am I right? Just ask yourself...

Do I want to pay twice as much for the same service?

Of course, you want your property to be taken good care of, so you want to make a safe choice. Please read our testimonials if you want more confidence that we will do a great job looking after your interests.

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Cost comparison
Really? Surely a big Real Estate company will do better?

Don't take if from me then. Here is their level of customer service in their own words from a Trademe rental advert.

***Please note our office is closed from 12pm on the 23rd December 2014 until the 12th January 2015. Please book in using the viewing tracker if you wish to view this property after the 12th January 2015.***
**Please head to www.❚❚❚❚❚.viewingtracker.com to book in to view**   ❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚ Ltd

So if your rental property is empty at Christmas.... well it is still going to be empty 3 weeks later with ❚❚❚❚❚❚. While over this same holiday period WeRent signed up a new tenancy agreement on December 28th, beginning the new rental on 3rd January, 2015.

Nov 2020 update. They threatened us with legal action so we covered up the real estate company's name (who needs the hassle)

flat-fee management
*Extra fees?

Just to be crystal clear, you will have to pay for your own rental advertising, and any tribunal charge to lodge a claim (if needed). There is also a small charge per owner for disbursements (not per property) each time we pay your rents into your account. We also charge for property inspections. In 2019 the Government legislated against charging tenants letting fees - so we have to charge these on to the owner now (as a levy). See our pricing page for all the details.

We normally do the standard two property inspections each year, but will will of course do more if your landlords insurance requires it. And rest assured, that if we are worried about a tenant we will do extra inspections off our own initiative. Our first inspection is within 3 months after a new tenancy begins, and then at six monthly intervals.

detailed pricing

This is what we offer

Lower Cost

The have the Lowest fees in Auckland for full service property management.

Low Flat-fee Mgmt

Why Flat-fee management? Because it just makes more sense.

3 month Free trial

Join with a 3 month Free Trial. You don't need to take it on trust!  Try before you Buy.

“The service of WeRent is timely; accurately; efficient & cost effective. ”

jian yin

Director of Transmission Solutions Ltd

a cost comparison

8.5% fee


Not sure if they charge letting fee or inspection fees as well. It's hard to tell from their site. We didn't know so we ignored them for this calculation. We do know they also charge another 8.5% on repair invoices (also left out).

Fixed Management fee


Being generous we included inspection fees & a monthly disbursement in our estimate of costs.

Savings with WeRent

$1,527 P.a.

Yes, about half the cost on an average property, and even bigger savings for more expensive rentals. Bloody good deal right!

Cost comparison based on an average 3 Bedroom Auckland home - $626 pw :(Sept 2022)

PS: If you think this is too good to be true, go see how we make savings onthis page

The higher your Rent the BIGGER the savings!

best ever savings with WeRent?

"Hi There, I own a property in Orakei which has a long term tenant and almost no effort to manage.  I have been using Bayleys however as the property is leased at $1900 per week they are not providing good value for money. They rarely look at the property and when maintenance is required it is always very expensive. I would like to consider the 3 month trial and move to the $110 per month model you have. Could you advise if there are any other costs or requirements. I am based in Australia +61(0)475838749 Regards Kevin Doherty"

Kevin's annual saving is...


delivering better value