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You are important to us!

After all, who pays the rent around here? So we make certain that we do everything we can to look after your needs, and provide you with access to your property manager so that no matter what the issue, you can be certain it will be resolved quickly and easily.

What you are Looking for...

Is not just a house or apartment to rent, you are looking for a home. We want you to love and take care of the place you live in, so we ensure your property manager goes the extra mile to make certain that when they take the time to show you a property, they're pretty certain you’ll be a good fit.

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We will do our best to inform you

We understand that when you find a property you like, waiting for your application to be approved can be frustrating. We do our best to keep you advised on the progress of your application, but please be aware that it does take time. For example, overseas owners do sometimes take a little bit longer to get back to us if we need final approval from them.

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We want to keep you happy

Once you have found your ideal property, we aim to keep you just as happy as your landlord. We give you direct access to your property’s manager, so you know who is accountable and you can be certain that all calls and correspondence will be responded to quickly.

In the event that your property requires some maintenance, WeRent has access to many tradespeople who can quickly and efficiently solve any problems that arise.

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LET’S work TOGETHER, we want you to be happy!